Empowering and connecting
pharmacists, organizations
and communities with
innovative technology.

We’re transforming healthcare by connecting pharmacists, healthcare professionals and enterprises across North America.

Our mission is to bridge the gaps in healthcare by enabling healthcare providers to engage with patients at different points of care. There is a disconnect between the point of receiving care from a doctor, the services provided by a pharmacy, and the engagement and compliance in medication therapy. Our vision is to further connect all healthcare providers and patients to provide care and improve healthcare outcomes.

We focus on the pharmacy services sector, where 28% of Canadian experience a delay obtaining their medication at a pharmacy, 38% are computer generated then printed and dropped off at the pharmacy in person, and 39% of seniors are taking 4 or more medications daily.


Amir Motahari


Maxim Antipin


Saif Abid


Adam Maciuk


Illya Semenkov

Mobile Developer

Jeffrey Tso

Pharmacy Relations Advisor

Edmond Chiu

Pharmacy Relations Advisor